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The Bridge of Light and The Christ Body

Michelle Pearce
June 2012

This June's full moon of Gemini is the Christ's Festival. Christ's Festival occurs after the full moon of the Buddha, Wesak Festival, and during the full moon of Gemini. The Gemini energies characterize our world of duality in which the two selves of matter and spirit exist at first separate. They are separated by awareness. The awareness is the Soul and as the duality is resolved via fusion and synthesis of spirit and matter, light is created. This is the light of awareness and it is via this light that the apparent separation is resolved. So in essence, the light of awareness that is the Soul, the Christ, is both the effect and the cause of the synthesis of matter and spirit. The aspirant becomes aware of these paradoxes of duality and unity as he or she enters into lighted spiritual awareness. The laws of the spirit are not the same as material laws and it is the ability and facility to be aware and work with both the laws and forces of matter and the laws and energy of spirit that the aspirant who is standing in lighted awareness develops.

This work of building lighted awareness is the synthesis of the higher and lower selves. That lighted awareness is a literal body of light that exists within the body of flesh and also is inclusive of the higher spiritual self with its awareness of spiritual laws and energies. This inner light is what begins to be seen and known by the mystic who gradually becomes aware of the inner spiritual worlds. This light is a literal event and has been testified to by the mystics of all the various religious traditions. It is of interest that many spiritual events are interpreted as allegory or metaphor until the inner faculties of the light body are evolved and developed enough for awareness of the literal events that are occurring on the subjective and more subtle planes of spiritual being to be seen and known. The testimonies of those walking the path of spiritual development of the light body becomes like signposts. These signposts are not signs of the destination, but are more like signposts of being on the right road. They are not indications to stop and marvel at the sign or the landscape, mistaking the path for the goal, but are indications of where one is on the path. Thus the admonition to the spiritual aspirant to continue steadily, to persist in the work detached from the results, to not get glamoured by spiritual awareness and phenomena along the way, which are merely the effects of the developing inner body of lighted awareness and spiritual faculties, becomes significant to steady and continued progress.

The inner spiritual body of light has a profound and radical purpose in the evolution and destiny of the planet. It is through this body as a whole, the One Soul, that the entire world is being synthesized into one spiritual entity that knows itself and lives in complete fusion and harmony, held together by the gravity of love and wisdom. Then the lion and the lamb lay down together and heaven comes to earth. The reality is that the spiritual Self and inner subjective worlds do and have existed all along, but the body and faculties of light are being evolved. It is this world task that all the aspirants are steadily involved in. It is through this lighted awareness that humanity becomes increasingly evolved into higher spiritual values and faculties thus enabling full conscious cooperation in bringing about harmony, love, and right relations. The work is, therefore, one of continuing to become aware of and create lighted love within humanity. Those aspirants who get glamoured by their own individual light and faculties are stuck in an interim phase of evolution and development of the group lighted body that is the One Soul and stop contributing to its conscious construction. It is in this stage of evolution and potential mis-interpretation that the group disciples now work. It is within this needed turning point that the energy of Aquarius with its group qualities is available for the group of disciples to use and embody. It is for this evolving group awareness that the group of aspirants works.

There are particular turning points along the path of conscious spiritual evolution. It is at these turning points that the leading initiates and disciples of the time create new and more significant signposts. It is during these times that greater vigilance and effort is required of the bridging group, that is, those individuals that are aware of both the higher and the lower selves and whom have the "eyes to see and ears to hear". The turning point that we now stand is one of utmost significance for the planetary evolution into true group awareness. It is why the aspirants are now called on to themselves develop the group awareness and work as a group. The consciousness that is the evolving soul awareness must be turned from the individual focus and identification into the group awareness and direction. The new ideal is not the mystic with evolving faculties to see and know the spiritual self with all its phenomenal glamours. That is the old signpost. The new signpost is the realization that the light body is one, the Soul is One, and that evolution occurs together. It is the ideal of realizing that a group consciousness not only exists and can be developed and that it is the next step in the evolution of the consciousness of the race of humanity and evolutionary leap that leads to the recognition that this step is also the solution for all the current cleavages and ills of the race and the planet. It is the pragmatic reality and expression of this group consciousness that the world disciples must develop.

Using the analogy of Alan Watts and the "Dance of Lila" — all of life is the play and dance of God. One can look out on the cacophony of the nations and see the mistakes and lack of grace and cooperation that exists. But, one can also imagine the beauty of a dance that occurs perfectly choreographed, aligned, and in step-both vertically involving matter and spirit and horizontally involving all the nations and groups within humanity. Like a line dance where everyone has finally learned the steps, the individuals can move closer together without fearing to tread on one another or inadvertently assault one another. The moves of the physical become fluid and the inner flow and harmony becomes palpable. As the inner light body develops and encompasses all individual lights — conscious awareness, this flow and harmony becomes the new reality.

It is the embodied Christ that creates the dance steps for the vehicles of expression, the bodies of flesh and matter, to be able move in perfect step, but the body of lighted awareness is needed for humanity to perform perfectly within the Plans laid out by the Master Choreographer — The Christ.

The group of disciples waits sometimes impatiently for the return of The Christ, while The Christ waits patiently for the group of disciples to create the body of light.

It is into this body of light that the Light that is Christ will return and be seen and known. These faculties of the developing light body are essential for the group disciples to see and know the Christ Light and to function within and cooperate as One Awareness, as the light synthesized with all light. This is a literal event and not a metaphor for something else. This is the work of the group disciple. Look for the light within oneself and others. See the light as group phenomena fusing matter and spirit. Build and strengthen the light that is love. Create the channels for this light to be carried to everyone and to all creatures. Help the planetary life awaken to itself and enlighten the whole world and all beings. Be the bridge of light. So Be It.

Let us work now not with individual desire for spiritual achievement but with spiritual inspiration and vision. Let us fuse ourselves with The Christ light and see the light as one.

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