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The Human Call and the World Saviors

Michelle Pearce
March 2011

Tonight, we come to celebrate the festival of Pisces, the sign of the world saviors, during a particular point in time when the cry of humanity for freedom and peace is reaching an epoch pitch. Listen with the inner ear. Hear the human soul groaning and crying out for release and for the death of limiting forms-oppressive governments, sick and incapacitated bodies, and financial and economic constraints, all limiting factors for full freedom and expression. This cry, like the cry of the newborn infant, strengthens the soul as it takes in life sustaining deep inspiration in response to limiting and harsh surroundings. The cry goes out to those with an ear to hear and a heart to respond-the new group of world servers, initiates and disciples, the new world saviors.

The cry of the human soul has become increasingly loud and obvious above the usual cacophony and noise of human selfish desire and material activity. The cries of the masses of people for help to achieve greater freedom are literal, concrete, and unmistakable. The Libyan people have begged for help to fight an oppressive and, for all appearances, sadistic or at least deluded national leader. Yesterday the other world nations answered — yes. During this wave of the cosmic energy of the world savior, the United Nations came together and voted to help the Libyan people. In an historical event, the nations took the care to negotiate, to reach agreement, and to act united to help. The stronger nations that have often acted independently and from a place of individual interest realized the importance of reaching a consensus and working as one voice with the other world nations. They did so at a time where each nation as an individual is facing its own challenges and crisis on many fronts, but chose to selflessly and united act together to respond to the massed cry of other nations and to rise up in loving assistance.

The Japanese people are currently facing national disaster of unprecedented magnitude and the world nations continue to come to their help even while helping the Middle Eastern and African nations as well. Are we witnessing a challenge and crisis of the human soul analogous to the First World War? And, if so, have we met that challenge more selflessly and with more spiritual and humanitarian vision, more love and wisdom and quicker response? Is the human soul expressing its divine sacrificial service and will to love?

It is said that the human soul rises to meet challenges and is strengthened as a result. Individual and group souls of great magnitude and potential remain quiescent until the need for response arises and then the soul is naturally tested and the power to meet the occasion and to be response-able evoked. The crisis evokes the inner strength and qualities the soul needs. The challenges and crises that humanity faces seem to continue to mount in magnitude as well as scope and breadth. That each mounting and cumulative crisis continues to be faced and that the human soul continues to rise up and meet each crisis with strength and resolve, is the good news of this age, the new age. The world savior is born and strengthened through the testing of the human soul.

It seems highly significant to this discussion and this time in the unfolding of the human divine soul that Pisces has three keynotes: 1. bondage and captivity; 2. renunciation and detachment; and 3. sacrifice and death. All three are evident in the world theater today. Bondage and captivity of course refers to the soul being captive voluntarily in material form in order to redeem and lift up that form. This it does, however, through moving through form after form, creating new and better forms that are more able to express divine qualities, higher vibrations, and higher values. The Plan thus requires that forms be created and destroyed and this is done as a service to the lives within the forms. The bondage and captivity within form is central and key to moving the forms along on the evolutionary process towards greater divinity. Today we see forms everywhere being destroyed through natural disasters, human conflict and wars, and deterioration, illness and death of the material forms. Through this death of the form the phoenix that is the symbol of the soul arises blazing from the ashes.

The second keynote, renunciation and detachment, is particularly essential during the current human crises. It is only through renouncing personal or individual national desires and interests that these challenges can be successfully met. The challenge of the current crises can only be met successfully when the entire globe of humanity acts in unity. It is the unity of universal consciousness that is needed and that is an inherent quality within the energy of Pisces. The waves of Piscean energy adequately amplified and directed by the arising group world savior in response to human need in turn stimulates and nurtures the universal consciousness of the human soul so that it is able to adequately step up and meet the current challenges successfully.

The third keynote is the keynote of the universal consciousness of the soul itself. Sacrifice and death are not sacrifice and death of form, for that is the release of the soul. They are sacrifice and death of the soul that enters into and is bound and limited by the forms into which it enters in order to save and uplift those forms and the worlds of little spiritual lives and all that is ensouled within the material form world. "I leave the father's home and turning back, I save." The soul willingly and with loving sacrifice goes abroad from its place of greatest comfort and contentment to spread love in its surroundings. Each individual server within the group server does this according to where his or her place of greatest comfort is. Thus, there must be a willingness to sacrifice the place of status quo, the comfort zone, which typifies the particular focus of that soul. The opportunity is to elevate the soul focus onto higher and deeper levels to step up and meet new challenges.

For those taking the first initiation learning to work with material form and lift their focus higher out of material living, it will mean physical sacrifices and ways of serving such as travel and assisting with delivery of resources and material help. For those focused and working at the renunciation of personal desire, it will mean giving up personal desires, often through the form of money, to meet the need and cry of their fellow souls. For those with even higher focus on the mental planes, it will mean renunciation of thought of the personal self in order to meditate and think deeply on the challenges and needs of humanity, thus creating the inspiration and thought-forms that will help guide those working from the astral and physical levels.

Each sever as a part of the group server meets the need from where he or she is and in so doing serves, works, learns, and rises up to higher states of consciousness and service. The beauty of this inter-relation of service, effort, and spiritual unfolding is awesome in the true sense of the word. It is the unfolding of the many facets of divinity into a brilliant unity of fiery purpose wielded and met through loving wisdom and power.

The idea of divine power and will is of particular importance during this crisis. The idea of love in the human mind needs to take on new life and to be expanded into its more divine reality and truth. The illusion of love as a passive and weak expression will not serve the new vision that is needed for the appropriation of divinity into humanity for the human soul to be able to step into its divinity. The appropriation of divinity is not a passive act of receptivity for the achieving human soul. The soul is the actor, it is the creator, and it gets successfully better at its work as it feels its own inner divinity and strength. The higher qualities being evoked by humanity in order to meet these crises are powerful aspects of divinity. Their full power must be seen, felt, and known as the coming revelation of divinity begins to dawn. Divinity will be revealed not as a "nice" aspect of a future life, an ideal that helps to guide current activity and values, but as the powerful life that enables and empowers all activity and all form.

As the Kingdom of Heaven is revealed within humanity it brings with it a growing sense of "can do" attitude that comes from spiritual vision, spiritual strength, and spiritual purpose that naturally and easily overcomes all material limitations and hindering conditions of the past. This "can do" attitude goes beyond mere faith. It is a here and now sense of confidence and power in the inherent beauty and goodness of all life, which is difficult to describe. Just as light easily overcomes darkness, this spiritual power easily overcomes all possible hindrances and limitations of the material form over the soul — physical fatigue, emotional discouragement, and mental illusions, conflicts, or lack of vision and ideas. Light overcomes darkness not by a battle with the darkness, but because darkness is simply the lack of light. Spiritual power overcomes material force conflicts because material force conflicts are simply the effects in the material world of the lack of spiritual power. Spiritual power, the power of the world savior, is power and will at-oned with the highest level of planetary purpose and direction.

Master Morya, in the Agni Yoga books, talks of "cross-currents". Many of you are aware that Master Morya is a first ray master, supremely versed in working with spiritual will and power. There is a reason that He is so focused on the idea of crosscurrents. Esoterically one might spend a lot of well-spent time investigating and exploring practically this idea and reality of crosscurrents. Any crisis will be revealed as a particular conflagration of crosscurrents. These crosscurrents or conflicts of force and energy are naturally straightened and clarified, synthesized into one harmonious whole, as spiritual power through love wisdom is brought to bear upon the situation. The spiritual power of love wisdom is the Wu Wei, the effortless effort of the Tao; it is the revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. It is this power of universal consciousness expressed through sacrifice and death that the world saviors wield now in response to the cry of the human soul, the invocation and appropriation of divinity in order for the human soul to strive forth into its higher possibilities.

Invoking, receiving, and directing the cosmic power of Pisces, the world savior, of sacrifice and death, of renunciation and detachment, of bondage and captivity, the group server can allow this cosmic energy to wash through all aspects of itself, through the human soul, through human expression and activity, and through the entire planet, bringing with it the spiritual power to appropriate divinity directly into human material form and expression. As it does so, the world savior is born within humanity and divinity is revealed.

Let us work now with inspiration, embodying the three keynotes of Pisces and working in concert with the great planetary heart and spiritual hierarchy at this joyful work of assisting with the appropriation of divinity of the human soul into its form life and expression.